Sometimes Co-Sleeping is a Pain

The more the merrier—right?

Co-Sleeping solves a lot of problems, but it’s not magic. 

There are quite a few issues you can expect to have if you co-sleep. Some are practical and some are psychology or emotional. This is not meant to be a discouragement. Just keep in mind that you’ll have some troubles but, like all things, this too shall pass.

1. The bedsheets will be washed more frequently.  Nursing babies dribble. Diapers leak.  You may find yourself purchasing a new set of sheets so that you have a back up set for a middle of the poopageddon.

2. The baby may decide that his favorite place to sleep is under you. Not kidding. My oldest son would squirm and wiggle until he was wedged under myself or my husband. Other than the fact that we were concerned he couldn’t breath under there, it was also pretty uncomfortable for us since we couldn’t shift during the night.

3. You will get kicked. Babies, even two month old babies, can kick pretty hard.  It’s not like it’s incredibly painful, but it’s enough to wake you up and annoy you to death.

4. When baby wakes up in the morning, you have to wake up in the morning. Immediately. A crawling baby will begin to meander off the bed if you don’t get up right away.  You can try to make a secured fort with bedrails and pillows, but your baby will find a way to fall off the bed if you don’t get your lazy tail up.

5. You’ll probaby sleep lighter. It’s just hard to let yourself get good and asleep with that extra individual in the bed.

6. That thing you’ve been wanting to ask about.  Every couple has found their own solution to this problem.  All I can say is Laura Ingalls Wilder was the second oldest in her family and her parents lived in a one room log cabin.  If you’re lucky enough to live in a house with more than one room, you’ll fine some acceptable arrangement.

7. The transition to baby’s own bed may be hard. When you decide it is no longer advantageous to sleep with your kids, you kick them out.  Unfortunately, this may result in sleepless nights, a lot of crying, and a few days to a few weeks of misery.

Comments are welcome so add your thoughts–what are some troubles you’ve encountered and how did you deal?


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