Co-sleeping with my son Benjamin, the day he was born

Do you like to sleep with your baby?

I mean your honey, your sweetheart. You DO? You mean you don’t actually own two twin beds like Mr. and Mrs Cleaver? Well, why ever not? If you think putting your teeny tiny new baby in a crib all alone is normal, surely two full grown people like you and your spouse should sleep in your own beds, right? Ok, so you get my point: nobody likes sleeping alone, especially babies. That’s why my family has co-slept from the get go.

Co-sleeping is a broad term. It can mean the whole darn family sleeps in the same bed–including older children. It can mean the baby sleeps in a crib beside the bed. It can also mean babies sleep in the bed with the parents until they reach toddlerhood. In any case, the point of co-sleeping is that children and parents are within arms reach of each other.

There are loads of reasons to co-sleep:

1. Baby is warm.

2. Baby’s needs are addressed immediately, usually without crying.

3. Mom can nurse without getting out of bed–or even waking up.

4. Dad and Mom get more sleep since baby doesn’t have to cry and mom doesn’t have to leave the bed.

5. Everybody has a chance to bond at bedtime and in the morning.

6. There is a decreased instance of SIDS with co-sleeping families.

The list goes on. I’m not saying co-sleeping is magic and you’ll never have any problems. I’m just saying you’ll be able to deal with issues half asleep and without even getting out of bed. Give it a try and until your baby goes into a toddler with sharp toenails, you and your baby will be happier and more rested.


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