Cloth Diapering Tips for Working Mommies

CatchersDiaperCo on

You’ve got a lot on your mind already, so I’ll keep it simple:

1. Not all childcare providers will agree to use cloth diapers. You’ll have a better chance of convincing your child care provide to use cloth if it’s as simple as possible. This means using All-in-one diapers and giving the good folks taking care of your baby a hands on tutorial.  You should also provide a wet bag so they don’t accidentally throw your diapers away.

2. Go part time if nothing else.  Part time cloth diapering will still save you money.

3. Have extra cloth diapers. Like, 25% more. The last thing you need is for it to be 10:30pm on a work night and you find out you need to do a load of cloth diapers NOW or you won’t have any for tomorrow.  Speaking of which, make sure the brand of diaper you purchase  is dryer safe.

4.  Install a diaper sprayer. Even a stay at home mom would want one of these–it just makes rinsing diaper’s off that much easier.

For a blow by blow of how one working mom handles cloth diapering, see Amy’s blog, Everything is Homemade.


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