Cloth Diapers for Unbelievers

Dear ladies and gentlmen,

I was once like you. I thought cloth diapers were icky, inconvenient, and unmanagable.  But I have learned that they are quite simple. In fact, they are cheaper than disposables. And if you have access to a washing machine, a piece of cake to maintain. Not only can you save hundreds of dollars, even using the most expensive cloth diaper system, you can even get cutie patooty designs to outfit your kid.

There are a three different cloth diaper styles: pre-fold with diaper cover, pocket diaper, and all-in-one.

Green mountain pre-fold diaper in diaper cover

1. Classic pre-fold or flat with cover. Getting its name because it is folded and sewn together, a pre-fold is a flat, absorbant cotton fabric that you use inside the diaper cover. A diaper cover is a water proof outer shell. Diaper covers have snap or Velcro (Aplix) )closures. Covers are either sized or one size.  Probably the cheapest method across the board, you can reuse the diaper cover once or twice before washing if it is not soiled.

Pocket diaper

2. Pocket diapers.  A diaper cover with a cloth lining that you “stuff” with a pre-fold or cotton diaper insert. The advantage is that inserts can be removed, speeding up the drying process. These couple the convenience of an All-In-One diaper with fast drying. Pocket diapers can also be purchased inexpensively from brands like Kawaii Baby, Alva, and Sunbaby.

Bum Genius 4.0 All-in-One

3. All-in-ones. Diaper cover and insert sewn together, creating the closest thing to a disposable. These are usually the most expensive type of diaper.

You’re going to save a bunch of money with cloth diapers. Here’s why:

Disposable diaper costs $0.20 .

An average of 8 diapers a day (we know newborns use way more)

For at least 730 days

costs $1168.

My pre-fold and diaper cover system cost $216. I think I can do an extra load of laundry if it will save my $952. How about you?


2 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers for Unbelievers

  1. Anna says:

    Does daycare allow cloth diapers? Also, any tips for working moms? Thank you!

  2. Judith says:

    Most day cares are opposed to cloth diapers. I don’t know why. A home based care provider may be more flexible. I have a friend that works full time and cloth diapers in the evenings on weekends. It will still save money, especially if you have another kid within a couple years and cloth diaper them too (thank you Nick, for thinking about the future).

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