These Contraptions Aren’t Recommended

I hate to do it, but somebody’s got to: There are some products which just don’t work well for baby wearing.

Baby Bjorn: Only for Pretend

1. The Baby Bjorn original carrier and all knockoffs, including Jeep, Infantino, and Evenflo. This style of carrier is deceptive because as long as baby is tiny–under 15 pounds–lots of parents love to use them. But here’s the rub: when the baby gets bigger,  it becomes too hard on mommy or daddy’s back to keep wearing the baby.  Why? No hip support. The Bjorns are designed with straps that crisscross over the back only. Bjorn did finally design a carrier with hip support, but do not recommend the carrier for infants younger than three months.  Bjorn gets a big ole thumbs down since it can’t accommodate newborns to toddlers with the same carrier.

Baby Nari: All the hype and none of the function of a baby carrier

2. Baby Nari Hip Hugger: It’s a big fanny pack which acts as perch for your child. It only works for front or hip riding, and it requires you to balance your child with one hand.  Theoretically, it provides support for your hips and helps your posture when just settling the kid against your hip does not.  It’s supposed to be handy for older kids who want up and down a lot. It isn’t useful for infants that you can’t hold against your hip, and you have to get the bigger size for toddlers.  Why spend the money on a one-trick pony? The trick isn’t even that cool.

Flying Falcon Infant Carrier Seat Carrier and Back Destroyer

3. The Flying Falcon Infant Car Seat Carrier:  Tee hee. The idea here is so ridiculous I just had to include it. It’s a long strap that wraps around an infant car seat so you can carry it hands free. They’ve already invented something much more awesome–called the stroller frame–which allows you to pop the car seat in and push the baby wherever.


3 thoughts on “These Contraptions Aren’t Recommended

  1. christiana83 says:

    That car seat carrier is so ridiculous I don’t even know what to say. I’d be surprised if they are still in business…

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