Lightweight double stroller does it ALL!

I was pretty psyched about the Kinderwagon Hop the first time I read about it two years ago. But since I’ve been out of the stroller scene for a while, I didn’t realize they’ve made some HUGE TREMENDOUS COLLOSAL improvements since then.

This double umbrella stroller features:

1. Carseat compatiblity (with Graco Snugride).

2. Huge canopy.

3. Tall handles–42 inches, to be exact.

4. Bigger-ish seats. Ok, so it’s still not a huge seat like the Britax B-Agile’s, but these are roomy enough.

5. Comparable size to a lightweight SINGLE stroller.  This is a double stroller that’s no bigger than a single.

6.  21.5 pounds light and 20.5 wide. This baby is small enough to go anywhere–airport, tiny shopping aisles, or the back of your mini cooper. This stroller is a full 15 pounds lighter than my current double, the Britax B Ready.

I’m ready to trade.  The Kinderwagon Hop is just too good to pass up.

Read more about the Kinderwagon Hop:


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