Daily Feats: Checking Off To-Do Lists and Earning Points

It’s totally not just me.

Checking stuff off the to-do list is so satisfying that folks will add every little thing they do just for the thrill of striking it from the list. Example: eat lunch. Check off.  Ahhhhhh.

I do throw in a few real goals every day, hoping to change my bad habits into good habits.  That’s where Daily Feats comes in sooooo handy.

The friendly folks at Daily Feats want to encourage others to change their lives in productive ways.  The simple platform has lists of activities, some super simple, like “Call Your Parents” to things that require a little more effort, like “Write a Love Letter.”  With each completion, you earn points, which you can use for gift cards and discounts.  Awesome possum, peeps!

Check it out!



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