I take back all the mean things I said about Graco: The Snugride Click Connect 40

Graco has done something wonderful–they have made an “infant carrier” style carseat that accomodates big kids!  The Graco Snugride Click Connect 40 has a weight limit of 40 pounds and a “standing height” limit of 35 inches. That’s huge!  Most carseats have a 22 pound/29 inch limit, or 30 pound/30 inch limit. Sure, there have been “convertible” carseats that accommodate newborns to five year olds for simply decades, but none of those had a base or handle.

This is breaking news, folks!

A base is critical. It makes removing the carseat with the *hopefully* sleeping baby a breeze. The handle–well, so you can carry it from point A to point B with one hand free.

The fact that the Snugride 40 is also compatible with a travel system is terrific! This goes hand in hand with that whole “let’s not wake a sleeping baby” thing that I’m always talking about. Put the car seat in the stroller and do you errands or take a walk or whatever.

There has only been two convertible carseats available in the United States that have ever done this before: the Orbit Toddler seat and the Combi Corroco. The Orbit is insanely expensive and the Corroco only fits in a single stroller frame–no options for double or triple strollers. Therefore, both are extremely limited. Neither had a handle, and the Corroco didn’t have a base.  Le sigh.

The fact that Graco has taken the challenge and NAILED IT is tremedous.  Congratulations, Graco.  Now just come up some sleeker, lighter strollers, please.


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