The Terrible, Awful, No Good “Full Sized” Stroller

Here’s why they are Terrible, Awful and No Good!

1. Heavy. The lightest full size strollers weigh about 20 pounds. The heaviest are closer to 30.  Compare that to the most tricked out of umbrella strollers, the Maclaren Techno XLR. With all of it’s bells and whistles coming in at only 17 pounds. Most umbrellas are between 10 and 15 pounds.

2. Huge. Fold it? Why bother! It’s still a g’normous size when folded flat.  The Graco Alano full-size stroller is 22″ x 36″ x 15″. The Aprica Presto Flat umbrella–which is car seat compatible, no adapter required, is just 11” x 41″ 13.5”. The UPPAbaby G-Luxe is only 8″ x 42″ x 10″.

3. Hideous.  Ok, so this is neither here nor there because there’s always someone who thinks a print is just adorable but I truly believe that this brown plaid is the saddest looking print available in stroller history.  The Baby Trend Monkey Around. Notice the dated style of this stroller–all full sized strollers look this way!  Might as well hand me the keys to the Dodge Caravan and my denim jumper to complete my ensemble.

So why on earth do parents keep buying these contraptions? Glad you asked!

  • They are available at B’RUS–which is the first place women drag their husbands when they conceive.
  • The vicious cycle of everybody-you-know-has-one. Break it now.
  • Cupholders. Yes, the one glimmer of redemption is that most full size strollers have two parents cupholders.
  • “They’re so easy to push.” Of course they are. You’re pushing it on the smooth surface of a B’RUS store without a baby in it.

Aprica Presto Flat                                            

UPPAbaby G-Luxe


After experiencing so many excellent strollers, I wish folks would do more research before buying!  But what I really want to know is how you bought your stroller–did you research or just pick up the first thing you saw? Was it a Terrible, Awful, No Good stroller?


2 thoughts on “The Terrible, Awful, No Good “Full Sized” Stroller

  1. christiana83 says:

    We got ours used from a friend. It is a Hartan VIP (we have the model from 6 years ago, though. We live in germany, and the requirements for a stroller are a little different…. The main thing is that we hardly ever drive anywhere, so the stroller is almost like a vehicle to transport our stuff, and many peaople have a second kid who rides on a little footboard which attaches to the stroller. We might be out all day with the stroller, so it had better hold a lot of stuff, and since we rarely use the car, the fact that they are heavy and big doesn’t really matter much. Also, I would never use the car seat as a stroller attachment unless it was for VERY short amounts of time, since I feel the baby is a bit too cramped in there.
    The second big difference is that many streets are cobblestone, so bigger wheels are important. Third difference is there are many more times when you have to manuever through crowds of pepople or small spaces, so those 360-degree wheels are a must.

    All that said, am not the biggest fan of the Hartan, since the plastic parts all start cracking agter about 6 years. Ours broke, then we rented a replacement stroller for 3 weeks and that one broke too!! I don’t know which would be better, though. We have totally different brands here.

    Since we are making a trip to the US soon, I want to get a stroller there to use for just a short time. Our daughter is 6 months old and can’t sit up yet. (at all) which type do you reccomend? Are there umbrella strollers which the baby can lay down in them…? I’m planning to get one at a garage sale, So selection eill be limited, but I’m curious what you’d think.

    • Judith says:

      Ok so I’ve been scouting out strollers ever since you posted this question. YES! There are umbrella strollers with a full recline. Just avoid the cheap-o, quintiessential umbrella stroller that you find hanging on racks at B’RUS. Those do not recline and have a lot of other shoddy features as well.

      Since there’s no telling what you’ll come across at yard sales, I give you these recommendations:
      1. Check handle height. If you or hubby isn’t on the short side, tall handles make a world of difference in comfort.
      2. Check storage. Cup holders, basket, trays etc.
      3. Check the weight. The lighter the better (even a straw weighs heavy on a long journey), Check the fold while you’re at it.
      4.Check the canopy.
      5. Recline–for sleeping babies 🙂
      6. Carseat compatibility. Not common in lightweight/umbrella varities but you could get lucky. (Aprica Presto Flat comes to mind. Not common enough for yardsales.)

      I saw a Bellissimo stroller at Busch Gardens the other day that looked pretty awesome. Lots of people are happy with Maclaren as well as UPPAbaby (G-Luxe has a lot of fans). I had a Trendsport light weight stroller that had a good basket, cupholders for parents, deep recline, and low weight. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the handle height. You may actually come across one since they’re pretty common and pretty cheap.

      Good luck and safe travels!

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