7 Things that Make a Stroller More Expensive But Not More Useful

The Prissy, Silly Stokke, only $1099!

1. Adjustable footrests: If you’re concerned about dangling feetsies of your little darling, don’t be.  Kid’s really don’t care. By age two or three, your kid’s legs will probably reach past of the bottom of the footrest anyhow, so dangling is inevitable. Even so, high end stroller manufactures are adding this feature left and right–just don’t let it be the deciding factor when you’re purchasing a stroller.

2. Belly bar: Not only does the belly bar do absolutely nothing for you or your kid, it’s just one more thing to get around in order to situate your child in the stroller. If the stroller you’re considering has a belly bar that cannot be removed, make sure it has a ton of other advantages to outweigh this annoying attribute.

3. Hand operated parking brake: You’ve probably got your hands full most of the time anyhow. It’s actually MORE convenient to be able to use your foot to put on the stroller brake, so don’t be dazzled with bike-like hand brakes.

4. Bassinet: The stroller manufactures knew this would draw in the suckers like flies to honey.  The bassinet is so adorable. Just think of laying your adorable newborn down with her sweet little face looking right up at you. That’ll be another $200, ma’am. You’ll actually be more likely to use the car seat (you did pick a stroller that accommodates a car seat, right?). There’s no way you’ll wake up a sleeping newborn just to move him from the car seat to the bassinet. Oh, and did I mention bassinets are typically for just the few three months of a child’s life?

5. Color choices: I know it’s really cute that you can order the Orbit Baby in seven different neon colors but honey, it really does not matter.  I’ve noticed that lots of high end stroller manufacturers have tons of color options. Don’t be suckered in by the rainbow–focus on needs and then consider aesthetics. You’ll be much happier with a plain black stroller if it has the five key features than if it’s teal.

6. Seat that can be forward or rear facing: I know I’m going to get some flack about this one but hear me out. The car seat will face you. You’ll use the car seat with young babies.  Young babies will want to look at you.  Older babies will want to face away from you, looking out.  In the long run, a seat that faces you will just be another one of those features you rarely use.

7. The rain cover: I mention this not because I want your baby to get wet, but because many mommies wouldn’t take a baby out for a long walk if it was raining. The mommy would still get wet, and who wants that? The exception is, of course, urban mommies who walk every where. They definitely need a rain cover.  However, if you drive most places, you probably won’t get out the raincover for the short trips from the car to the grocery store–it would be too much trouble to get it out.


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