The One Question You Should Ask Before Buying a Stroller

Regardless of where you’re from, your parenting style or whether you say to-ma-to or to-MAH-to, there’s five key features to a great stroller:

1. Lightweight

2. Compact fold

3. Infant carseat compatible

4. Large sun canopies

5. Large and accessible basket

“Hey ‘rents! This totally doesn’t meet any of EclecticMothering’s Five Key Features!”

There’s only one question you’ve got to ask when you’re got the five key features covered:

Have I worn out a pair of running shoes or hiking boots recently?

Say what?

I’m serious. Have you, in the past three months, had to purchase a new pair of hiking boots or running shoes because you do so much running/hiking that you just plum wore out the pair you had before? Because if you haven’t, you aren’t a serious enough outdoor athlete to justify a jogging or all-terrain stroller.

Jogging and all terrain strollers are their own animal. It’s apples and oranges to compare a jogging stroller to a full sized or umbrella stroller. If you’re an avid hiker and need something that will take you and your babies up Mount Mitchell, you’re going to need air filled tires, excellent shocks, and a rain cover.  Runners need similar equipment, and typically prefer a slim frame. For everybody else in the world, the trouble of pumping tires and the extra bulk of large wheels is unnecessary.

Listen to me, Mama: I know you want to work that baby weight off. I know you’ve always wanted to “get into running”. You’ve probably already been down to B’RUS and thought “There’s a jogging stroller and travel system all in one.  I’m actually going to save money since I don’t have to buy two strollers.” But darling, that’s just horse manure.  It’s clunky. It’s heavy. It doesn’t have squat for a canopy.  But you’ve got rosy glasses on, thinking about how awesome it will be to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. In truth, you’re going to be busy and tired and you probably won’t feel like exercising at all.

Let me tell you a secret: God is merciful. He knew you’d be exhausted by raising this kid so he deducted 500 calories off your daily intake of calories. All you’ve got to do is breastfeed. You’ll be back to your pre-preggers weight before you know it.

Now go look in your closet. Shoes can tell a lot about a person, so start getting to know yourself.


One thought on “The One Question You Should Ask Before Buying a Stroller

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