Half Fast Elimination Communication

EC is not as daunting as you might think. There’s only reason we (yes, really, we. Hubby does it too. Even grandma.) practice EC is because it works.  If I had to change my basic day to day habits to accommodate this weird and unheard of method of dealing with poop and pee, I wouldn’t do it.  If it wasn’t working for us, I’d stop in a heartbeat. I don’t have any type of philosophical or religious reason for ECing. It just makes the most sense to me. But I’m not “all in”with EC.  This means I don’t try to pee my baby in the middle of the night and he doesn’t go without a diaper all the time. This is how we EC:

1. Put baby in prefold and diaper cover, or pre-fold loosely attached to baby with a diaper belt.

2.When baby get’s squirmy, put him on the potty.

3. Put him back in the diaper.

Actually, that’s the ideal. Sometimes it I’m busy and miss the potty squirm. In that case, I have to change the diaper, which is often messy and takes more time that it would have to put him on the potty.

Although some ECers pee their baby at night, I’ve tried it and it just pisses off my kid. Let me rephrase that: he gets mad and tense and WON’T pee because he’s sleepy and he liked the nice, warm bed in the dark room.

The main reason I try to EC at all is because it makes sense. I could always tell when my first son was going to poop (still can, as a matter of fact) but it never occurred to me just to hold him over the toilet. I sigh thinking of all the diaper explosions I could have avoided. EC for us is just a simpler, cleaner form of hygiene.  If you’re on the fence, give EC a try.  I guarantee after one week of ECing, you’ll feel weird changing a poopy diaper.  You might even start to wonder how the whole “diaper” thing caught on. Don’t worry if you don’t catch on quick. Half fast EC is still better than no EC.


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