Stroller Lust: The Search for the Perfect Stroller Never Ends

I’ve visited the chiropractor ten times in the past month.  It’s all this baby hauling–and baby gear hauling–that’s got my back out of shape. This had got me yearning after something lighter and smaller than my Britax B-Ready. My newest love?

The Kinderwagon Hop

This puppy is just 22 pounds, seats two kids and folds up teeny, just like a single umbrella stroller! Oh, how my arms ache for your svelte and delicate rods, so small and yet so useful!  Alas, the Hop is too blame expensive at $300 and just not common enough to fine on Craigslist. Maybe I should just move within hobbling distance of the chiropractor’s office.   It truly never ends, the belief that the next stroller will be….

The Perfect Double Stroller


2 thoughts on “Stroller Lust: The Search for the Perfect Stroller Never Ends

  1. Chloe C says:

    This stroller looks awesome!!! LOVE all that storage space!
    I worked as a nanny to twins and a 7 year old for two years. Over the years I tried MANY a double stroller. Tandem strollers were long, awkward and hard to deal with. Most side by sides were too large for normal doorways and almost all of them were too heavy to deal with alone. Until one day… I came to work and saw a beautiful shiny new stroller in the corner of the room. It was like Christmas morning!! haha. The City Mini Double was waiting for me there, all folded flat and pretty. It was light weight (for a double), easy to fold, small enough to fit through door ways and SO easy to maneuver. The storage space was adequate but not quite enough so we attached the diaper bag to the handlebar on long trips (yes I know, a big no no, but ya gotta do…)

    Overall, I fell in love with that stroller. Then I had my own kid. Bought the single for myself and fell in love all over again. Now when I’m with two kids I use our single city mini and wear the other one. Makes life a lot easier!!

    • Judith says:

      The City Mini is a great stroller! I think I would have be delighted if I had decided to go with it. Britax made a B Agile double this year, which is basically the same thing at the City Mini. I am so tempted to get one! Ahhh, if only I had unlimited funds. The B Ready is so large that I’m afraid we’re going to have to get a small umbrella stroller for long trips and get out my awesome Manduca soft structured carrier.

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