5 Tips for Buying a Baby Swing

Ben's swing has a fascinating mobile

Ben’s swing has a fascinating mobile

So you just read my previous blog and now you know that of all the contraptions you can purchase, you need to buy a swing for your baby.  Here’s five tips for buying the perfect swing:

1. Find a model that uses an AC adapter: I ignored this advice when I bought a swing and we’ve already run through six size D batteries. We’ve had it about a month. That’s pretty darn expensive.

2. Check out the weight limit: Most models have a 25 pound limit but one or two have a 30 pound limit.  If you have big butterball babies like I do, you could potentially hit the lower limit by 6 months! Get the higher limit if possible.

3. Make sure the cover is washable: Babies slurp, urp, and drool all the time.  Not to mention the other stuff.  So get a washable cover.

4. Get one with a mobile: Sometimes baby just gets bored and they need something to look at. Some swings also have music, vibes, or nightlights.  Be sure to read reviews about the music though–some swings have dinky little midi files that are just too annoying to do you any good.

5. Check Craigslist, consignment stores, and yard sales: It’s just silly to pay full price for a swing.  Save your dollars for something awesome, like ice cream and pedicures.  And always, always haggle over the price.


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