Matt Ryan and his fantastic ebooks for toddlers

Matt Ryan and Rubbish Books

I have a new favorite author! Matt Ryan. His medium is the ebook.  He’s got a wicked way of combing child friendly topics and humor. His character driven tales of three friends have the momentum that only a picture book with an average of four words per page can muster. Many of his ebooks are available for free at sites like FreeKidsBooks . Kindle also sells his books for $0.99.

His stuff just got cooler though, with interactive stories available on his website RubbishBooks. I just wish I had found this guy a week ago, before I rode for 14 hours in a car with a cranky toddler. For future use, I recommend Patrick Builds a Bird House. Just try and paint siding with a fish, why don’t you?


3 thoughts on “Matt Ryan and his fantastic ebooks for toddlers

  1. Taryn says:

    Sounds interesting. How do you travel with them, do you download to a kindle? are there other ways to make them portable?

    • Judith says:

      Since you can download these books to smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they are super portable! Even if you don’t have a data package, you can download with wifi and revisit later without an internet connection. Just click the download to pdf button on the website and it comes to the downloads folder of your phone or laptop. You can download to Kindle from the Kindle store for $0.99 (search for rubbishbooks). I don’t *have* a Kindle so I can’t find out if there’s alternative ways–like transferring a PDF free version to your Kindle. Of course, if you have browsing capability with internet, you can just visit and view them online!

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