Benjamin is two months old today!

After spending nine months pregnant and the earth shaking miracle of childbirth, it’s hard to believe it’s already been two months of having Benjamin with us.  Wow–having one baby to tend to seems like a piece of cake compared to the two. I was sitting in a restaurant at lunch with friends the other day and realized I was trying to do five things: keep an eye on Ben, help Joe II eat, eat myself, make polite conversation, and answer a text message from my hubby.  Multitasking mama, oh yeah.

Now for the news: Benjamin is awesome on two fronts, weight gain and pottying. He’s a whopping 13.4 pounds now (he started out at 7.4 pounds). He’s got great head control and a smiles at us all the time and he pushes hard with his little legs every time we stand him upright.  Ben has also started gnawing on things–teeth coming?

Yes, I did say pottying.  We’ve been practicing elimination communication (also known as infant pottying or diaper free baby) for at least two weeks now.  He’s a champ at it. We got through an entire morning with only one wet pre-fold diaper, and that’s because I couldn’t get him to the potty right after his nap because we were in Panera Bread there was a line at the bathroom.  He prefers doing big ole poos on the potty and he makes a racket until I get him there.  That’s why it’s called elimination communication: if I listen, Ben will tell me when he needs to go.

Joe II is a terrific big brother and he’s very fond of Ben.  When Benjamin starts crying, Joe rushes over with a pacificer or a blanket and does his best to make Ben happy. Joe likes to hold Ben, stroke his head and say “What a sweet Benjamin.”  He also told me today that Benjamin would like it if we read Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. On occasion, Joe gets tired and wants some attention. That’s when he usually says, “Please put Benjamin down and hold me.”  But I don’t.  I hold both of them.


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