Joe II breaks his collar bone

We made our first trip to the emergency room. Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, Joe II awoke from a nightmare and fell out of his bed, a distance of about 24 inches. With most falls, scrapes, bonks over the head and other mishaps, he cries two minutes, tops. After falling out of the bed he cried for a half hour, favoring his right shoulder and repeatedly saying it was “Very very ouchy.”

Around 12:30 we left for the emergency room, suspecting his shoulder was fractured or completely broken. X-Rays were taken. The doctor initially said the X-rays didn’t show anything obviously wrong. After we explained where Joe II said it hurt, and insisted there was indeed a problem, the Doc brought out the X-Rays and agreed there was a fracture. We thought it was pretty darn obvious from looking at the picture, and we can count our encounters with X-Rays on one hand.

Joe II was given an arm sling and set home with Motrin and a specialist referral.

The next day, the specialist did not have to be told where the fracture was on the X-Rays and he said that a sling was useless. Joe was fitted to a figure 8 brace which he has to wear for a month.

So far, Joe II doesn’t seem to be very bothered. It’s been a week now and he’s running around like normal, scaring his mother to death and trying to break every other bone in his body.


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