Benjamin is one month old!

My darling second son is five weeks old–one month old this past Monday. As you can see from the picture, he’s still getting used to us. Bejamin has been busy: he has gained 3.8 pounds (a whopping 50% of his birth weight), grown an inch an a half  and developed excellent head control. He’s got a great big smile that he whips out for us when he’s happy and full.

Lots of folks have asked: how does Benjamin compare to Joe II? Well, Ben doesn’t care for loud noises–Joe II thinks it’s his job to make loud noises. Ben doesn’t like to be thrown up and down–Joe II thrived off the thrill of a free fall.  Benjamin sleeps a lot and usually through the night. Joe II still doesn’t like sleeping, typically wakes up once to crawl in the bed with us, and fights every nap he takes.

Despite personality differences, I think both boys are going to be bruisers.  Joe II gained weight just like Benjamin is doing now and he’s the size of a kindergartener at the ripe old age of two.


One thought on “Benjamin is one month old!

  1. Leah Gragg says:

    What an amazing cutie!

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