When a toddler is quiet, you’re in trouble

As you can see, Joe II has taken full advantage of my distracted self.  Since Benjamin was born almost a month ago, it has been harder to keep an eye on the fleet-footed Joe II.  One morning, I was in the kitchen doing something super importantcleaning the sink or scrubbing the counters, with Benjamin in the wrap carrier.  Joe II was in his room, playing blocks. Suddenly, I got that creeping suspicion that all mommies are familiar with–that it was way too quiet in the house.

Benjamin and I went back to Joe II’s room (a whopping 15 feet away in our tiny duplex) and the first thing I saw was powder floating through the air. I immediately thought it was smoke and nearly had a heart attack right there, but I turned the corner and saw Joe II, covered in white powder and grinning like the mischievous little gremlin he is. (In case you’re wondering, corn starch is used to cure diaper rash and I had recently changed a diaper on that bed, so that’s why the corn starch was there in the first place).  There’s wasn’t much point in getting mad, so I laughed and had Joe II get the cordless vacuum and clean up the mess himself, which he also thinks is lots of fun.  There’s no teaching this kid, so from now on, I’ll just keep the corn starch out of reach.


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