Don’t Press Buttons

At this very instant, my son is saying “Sing Michael Buble. Sing Michael Buble for me. Sing it sing it. Sing Michael Buble for me Mommy.”

I told him I’d rather eat glass. It’s only the 900th time we have sung, played, and watched the music video for Joe II’s favorite song “Just Haven’t Met You Yet.”

He stood still for about five seconds and then said.

“Sing Michael Buble.”

Sarcasm is lost on two year olds, but being ignored is not.  He started mashing buttons on my computer. I’ve had to retype this post four or five times already because the little tyke added some superfluous letters and managed to close my browser before I could stop him.

I suppose I could sing Michael Buble, play blocks and eat popsicles with the kid but we’ve been doing that all day and frankly, I’m tired of toddler appropriate toys. My wonderful hubby and Joe II’s adoring father is wrapped up in his own computer pursuits and says that he can’t play either.

So we’re both stuck with a whiney toddler saying “Hold me hold me hold” and getting more and more annoyed.  Even our kid looks annoyed.

I would like to take this opportunity to reinforce that whole “wonderful” part of my description of my husband.  He was indeed the bigger person, parent, and all around grown up and after a few minutes, got up to entertain the son long enough for me to finish posting. Oddly enough, my husband did not start playing blocks or Michael Buble. Instead, he pulled a Mary Poppins and now Joe II is putting away toys, cheerfully under the impression that he and his daddy are playing.

That works for all of us.


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