People say the darnedest things…about home birth

Yes, I plan on having a home birth. I’ve got a midwife and plenty of hot water.   So when folks ask, as they typically do as part of polite conversation,

“Where are you delivering?”

I reply,

“I’m having a home birth.”

EVERYBODY gives me a blank stare. Some folks are faster at covering it up than others, but I get the blank stare every time. Then I get one of these inevitable responses:

“By yourself?” Yup, then I’ll go right back to picking rice from the fields and washing clothes down by the river.

“What if something goes wrong?” We’ll go to the hospital. Duh.

“Isn’t that kind of messy?” Yes. We’re thinking of setting up outside just so clean up will be easier.

“Oh…” along with a period of awkwardness. At least you’re nice enough not to say you think I’m crazy out loud.

“Can you still get an epidural at home?” Here’s where I give them a blank stare.

and my personal favorite,

“Ooh! Can I come?” Yes, but it’s BYOB.

Sometimes…very rarely…I get the pleasure of speaking to a mother who’s also had a home birth. You know what they say?

“Once you have a home birth, you’ll never go back.”

And then we’re instant friends.


5 thoughts on “People say the darnedest things…about home birth

  1. Rhonda Smith says:

    Home birth is the best. You’ll never go back!!!!
    Your mother

  2. I am very, very excited for you! This will be the best thing yet.

  3. Chara says:

    Homebirth is the best! Don’t you love the blank stares? Makes me giggle inside. The best is watching men’s faces when my husband is telling them it is so much better than a hospital birth. I think he is more of an advocate for it than I am.

  4. Laura says:

    This is great! We had a homebirth with baby #2, and you’re right, once you’ve done it once, you never go back. Home birth rocks!

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