Peg Perego Aria Twin versus the Zooper Tango

While the City Mini Double and the Valco Baby Ion 4 Two have been given the boot because of the dang car seat adapter, I have moved on to the Peg Perego Aria Twin 60/40 and the Zooper Tango in my search for the perfect double stroller.

Both are pretty spiffy and either one would probably make excellent partners for my mothering journey. Comparison of the Peg Perego Aria Twin versus the Zooper  Tango shows a neck to neck race:

Peg Perego Aria Twin

1. Tall handles (although neither are adjustable) 39″ for Aria and 40″ for Tango

2. Big baskets. The Aria’s is easier to access, but the Tango has side zip access as well as rear access, and two big pockets on the back of the seats.

3. The stand up fold.  Very handy, saving not only your back but also sparing the stroller from unnecessary grime from the ground.

4.Large canopies. The Tango takes the cake, since it’s canopies go all the way to the child trays. Even so, the Aria’s canopies are generous and probably provide plenty of sun shade for sleeping kiddies.

5. Multiple recline options. Although the Aria offers “infinite” recline, using the typical nylon strap system that most stroller’s have, it does take two hands to return the seat to upright position. The Tango’s recline can be reversed with one hand.

6. Car seat adapters. Peg Perego’s official stance is that the Aria only accepts Peg Perego car seats and the Zooper Tango accepts multiple car seats. There are rumors that different carseats can “nest” or simply rest in the Aria and be further secured with the car seat safety belt, but only the Peg Perego car seats will click in.

Here’s a big kicker that could prove to be the deciding factor.

2011 Aria Twin ~$350

2011 Zooper Tango ~$450

Which one, which one…


One thought on “Peg Perego Aria Twin versus the Zooper Tango

  1. NCMom says:

    The Tango has some nice extra features, overall looks more comfy, that extra canopy just might make a difference at high noon some day and the wheels even look sturdier. In ten years you will never remember the price difference but the little extra conveniences might make your life easier and THAT you will remember!

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