From Tony DiTerlizzi,maker of The Spiderwick Cronicles, and his wife Angela, comes Meno, a quirky, adorable little alien. He’s kind of like The Little Prince meets Calvin and Hobbes. Here’s a reading from the authors:

Let’s review the “What Makes A Book Great for Babies” checklist to see if Meno stacks up.

1. A small amount of text per page? Check.

2. Fun illustrations? Check.

3. Everyday activities with a twist? Double check.

4. Baby size/printing? Errr. Well, the small books fit well in small hands, but the printing is a traditional handback, so only half a check.

5. Interesting for parents? Check. If nothing else, you’ll be mesmerized by Meno’s weirdness. Read a little longer and you’ll start to love him.


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