The many uses of baby wipes

Even when I am old and gray and babies are far behind me, I’m going to carry around baby wipes. So far I have used them to:

1. Remove stains. A quick swipe with a wipe takes care of a variety of mishaps.

2. Make up remover. I forgot to bring my eye makeup remover pads and hubby isn’t a fan of my little mascara spiders left on the washcloth, so I tried a baby wipe. Works like a charm.

3. Car cleanup. I am pretty protective of my car. I vacuum it at least once a week and use wipes to take care of any sticky spots left by juice and crackers.

4. Hand wipes. In a pinch, I use wipes to tidy up messy hands and faces. Combined with hand sanitizer, its almost as good as soap and water.

Of course, I’m not the only one who thinks baby wipes are handy dandy. Other’s suggest using baby wipes to shine shoes or wiping off restaurant high chairs and public changing tables. You can also substitute them for more expensive Swiffer wet cleaning pads.


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