Elimination Communication: No hippy hair or granola sandals required

I’m happy to announce that you don’t have to be a crunchy granola mama to practice EC.  Here’s the basics:

1. Watch for baby’s cues. The wiggling, squirming, or (in my son’s case), the scrunched up wailing face of “FOR THE LOVE OF PETE WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?!” right before each poopoo and pee pee are typically dead giveaways.

2. Take the child to an appropriate elimination receptacle.

3. Use a vocal cue of your own to let baby know it’s okay to go. Most moms say “Psss” or “Shhhh” at this point. Baby will eventually associate the sound and “assuming the position” with eliminating.

And then follow the directions on most shampoo bottles, “Rinse and repeat!”

Sooo…what about getting peed and pooped on? Blogger mom at Elimination Communication says, “Everyone earns their WeeWee Badge…when an infant is diaper free you are prepared for an accident.”  Even spending one or two days watching for baby’s cues will make you a pro at getting them to the potty in time. And within a few months, babies learn to “hold it” until given the cue to go, so even emergencies can be tolerated from time to time.

Although it would awesome if I knew a seasoned mommy who used EC, there are lots of online forums, guides, and videos to help a newbie like myself get started, like:




Next up, Advanced EC. Are you ready for some serious TMI?


One thought on “Elimination Communication: No hippy hair or granola sandals required

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