Poop and Circumstance

I really hate changing diapers. Really. I hate stopping what I’m doing, my son hates stopping what he’s doing, and its super gross.  Just stinky and icky and shoot, it’s about 25 cents for the diaper and wipes every time we have a change.

Now, cloth diapering people claim that they don’t spend nearly as much on diapers, especially if they get creative and make their own, or buy diapers second hand.  But still, there’s the washing and toting dirty diapers around if you’re out and about.  And it doesn’t solve the problem of actually dealing with the poopy.

So some women are solving this problem with elimination communication, or EC. Blogger mom at Elimination Communication successfully used elimination community from birth. Her daughter is now a toddler and never had to be “potty trained” since that was the only option to begin with.

So what is EC, exactly? Pretty simple. Watch for baby’s cues–the wiggly, fussy or whatever– and put them on the potty.  I have tried it and it is possible to watch your baby and figure out their natural rhythm. Of course, I sort of fell off the bandwagon and didn’t keep up the EC. Now my son runs and says, “Noooooo” when I ask him if he wants to go potty.  But newborns? They don’t have a problem with the potty.

So here are the questions I plan to answer in a series of posts:

1. How do you get started? What are some tips for people who are completely new to EC and don’t know anyone who practices it?

2. What about going out? Do you use a diaper “just in case”? What about long trips?

3.Does this mean I have to get up a lot at night? That might be a deal breaker.

Now, time for a little research…


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