One Good Thing About Combi

Perhaps I gave Combi a hard time in the previous post, but they do have this one redeeming feature: they carry an affordable convertible seat which can be used in a stroller.

The Cocorro Flash is a stroller frame which accepts the Cocorro convertible carseat, which has a height limit of 40 inches and weight limit of 40 lbs.  Although it is small, for a convertible, if you have Big Butterball Babies like me, you can use it with newborns through the first couple years. The beauty of this system is that you can get that convertible carseat out without waking up baby, run into the store or get your hair done, and your little tyke never has to be disturbed.

Its only drawback is 1) it doesn’t have a a handle like infant carriers and 2) the Flash is only available as a single stroller. I have also read complaints from reviewers that is quite small, compared to other convertible carseats, so if you’re switching from an infant carrier to this seat, it won’t last you very long. On the up side, its narrow size means that you can fit two or even three of the Combi Cocorro into the back of a sedan.

As far as I know, the only other convertible carseat which can work with a stroller is the Orbit Toddler and it costs $360, plus the stroller, which is $750. Wow!  You’d think they’d at least inclue a decent underseat storage basket and some mommy-daddy cup holders with that.


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