Why I Won’t Buy the Combi Twin Sport

If you’ve read previous blogs, you know two things: I’m searching for the perfect double stroller and I’m obsessed.

At first blush, I really thought the Combi Twin Sport looked great.

  • Removable, washable seat covers
  • 22 pounds
  • Compatible with a Combi Shuttle 33 carseat

Combi Shuttle 33 Car seat:

  • Excellent reviews
  • Weight limit of 33 pounds and height limit of 33 inches
  • CON: puzzle clasp and rebound bar.

Firstly, experts say the rebound bar it helps to reduce shock in the event of a car crash by absorbing some of the force. What it really looks like to be is an impediment to getting the kid in and out of the car seat. As legs grow longer and feet get bigger, it even looks like it might be uncomfortable for the child.

Secondly, this puzzle clasp.  Both pieces of the buckle must be placed together, in an interlocking fashion, and then snapped in. It requires some finessing, and I don’t know about you, but I just don’t have all that much finesse left to waste on a car seat buckle by the end of the day.

I tried the stroller out at the Buy Buy Baby and the dealbreaker occurred: MY FEET HIT THE WHEELS OF THE STROLLER!  I’m 5’7″ and have a 33″ inseam, for the recond, and my hubby is 6’3″. We’d both be cranky with this stroller.

I’m sorry, Combi. You’re really nice and I like you, but it’s just not going to work out. I’m sure you’re going to make another woman really happy, especially if she and her hubby have a short stride. And like puzzles.


2 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Buy the Combi Twin Sport

  1. I woul recommend the joovy ultralight sit and stand. We love it… For a double it’s lightweight, fairly compact and the boys like it. It held the infant seat just fine when our youngest was still in it. Biggest drawback is that the storabe basket underneath is difficult to access. Look into it 🙂

    • I’ve seen that and read great reviews! My drawback is that I want one where if Joe II falls asleep in the car, we can transfer him to a full reclining seat so we don’t wake him up. He still sacks out for about two hours every afternoon. I know other sit and stands only allow a carseat in the front full seat, but I’ll check to see if the Joovy will allow the infant seat in the back seat. I figure by the time the smaller kid is out of the infant carrier, Joe II will be all done with falling asleep in a stroller. But we’ll see. Thanks for the suggestion!

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