Baby Jogger Mini Double: Won’t You Be My Sweetheart?

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double stands quietly against the wall while the Baby Jogger City Select gets all the attention. A humble side-by-side, the Mini doesn’t have reversible seats or a single stroller option. But it’s sincere and it’s friendly, adapting to a variety of needs.

For instance, the Mini accepts a Graco car seat with adapter, no problem. It may not have an adjustable handle, but at 41 inches  even tall folks are comfortable pushing it. Its seats fully recline, allowing even tiny newborns to ride safely, and it weighs only 26 pounds. 29″ wide, it will fit through standard doorways with ease. The Mini is a sweet, dependable little stroller.

I hadn’t given the Mini Double much thought at all. In fact, I hadn’t realized its potential, attractive design, or useful features. Poor little Mini–if the City Select hadn’t had that one major flaw, I’ve never even met the Mini.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t concerned that it didn’t have an adjustable handle, hand brake, or adjustable footrests. I don’t care that the seats aren’t interchangable, as long as it takes the Graco carseat, and I’m not a jogger, so the hard foam tires are ideal. And it pushes smooth and turns on a dime.

My only hesitation–and the main reason I haven’t tied the knot with the Mini Double yet–is its woefully inadequate basket. The access to the under the seat storage basket is only a few inches tall. You can’t cram a large purse, much less a diaper bag into the compartment. I can’t imagine that the addition of another baby will allow me to carry less stuff, so the storage is a very large draw back to me. It gives me pause.

The Baby Jogger Mini Double gets great reviews from several sources. Most of the reviews on Amazon are very positive, although many do mention this storage shortcoming. One mom solves the problem by keeping smaller bags of items in her big diaper bag, and just throwing the ones she needs in the storage basket. Another uses mommy clips to hand the bag from the handle. I suppose another option is to do away with diaper’s like the elimination communication mommy blogger, whose toddler has gone without diapers since birth.

I haven’t discounted the Mini. It’s a workable, willing little stroller and there’s a lot of potential for a long and happy relationship there. I just want to meet one more stroller before making a decision: the Valco Baby Ion for 2.


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