Awesome Alternatives to Double Strollers

Since I’ll shortly be toting around a 25 month old and a newborn, I’m in the market for a stroller which can accommodate more than one child. The cool thing is that many single strollers can now be adapted with a variety of add-on gadgets to convert to a double stroller. My darling hubby said he’d be happy to tie a mop bucket to the back of a stroller for me for our first born to ride like a glorious baby chariot, but I guess I’ll pass. There are just too many other options available.

1. The Buggy Board. This is a stand on board that hooks to the back of the stroller chassis. Older children who like to do a lot of walking can jump on or off at will. There are a bunch of universal styles available.

2. Ride-on seat. Just like your toddler’s favorite trike, ride on seats have an ergonomic shape which allows them to seat while the stroller is pushed. Some even have seat backs and handles. There are both brand specific and universal styles.

3. The toddler jump seat. Especially good for younger children who still want to hang out in the stroller, the jump seat attaches in front of the stroller seat. It doesn’t have a back, so kid’s can’t recline, but this also allows the child behind to have a better view.  Jump seats are usually brand specific, but Baby Jogger, Valco, and Bumbleride all have optional toddler jump seats available.

4. The in-line doubles kit. Usually attaching to below the stroller’s seat, the doubles kit occupies the space formally known as the basket. Usually, the in-line seat is brand specific, but more and more companies are offering this option.  Phil & Teds, Britax, Peg Perago, BOB, Mountain Buggy, iCandy and probably some others that I can’t think of at the moment.

5. The Buggy Pod. Probably the next best thing in functionality to a double stroller, since this is an actual seat which rolls along which your stroller. It’s a side car style, and one of the Buggy Pod designs can actually be used as a single stroller with its the conversion kit second wheel.

6. Stroller connectors. Okay, so not technically a full add-on, but this little device allows you to attach two umbrella strollers together to make a double stroller.


2 thoughts on “Awesome Alternatives to Double Strollers

  1. Hannah says:

    I am trying and trying to locate where I can find a ride on seat like the one you have posted in the picture with the biy waving behind the red stroller but with no success. Could you kindly tell me what company makes those and what are called? A million thanks!

    • Judith says:

      Hi Hannah! The company was TFK Trends for kids I believe. This product has been discontinued. Try these alternatives:

      1) Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy B Rider Connector
      2) Kleine Dreumes Happy Kidz Sit in Stroller Attachment

      Congratulations on the new baby!

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